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    Mau meditasi tp malas ikut pelatihan2 meditasi?
    Ingin meditasinya lebih dalam lagi?
    Ingin mengurangi stress?
    Ingin daya konsentrasi & produktifitas kerja meningkat?

    Cukup dgn mendengarkan paket mp3 ini saja anda bisa mencapai keadaan meditasi & hasilnya dapat meningkatkan kualitas hidup anda sehari2.


    Isi Paket Holosync:

    - Holosync Demo Kit
    - Awakening Prologue (including Bonus Track Quietude & Oasis)
    - Awakening Level 1
    - Awakening Level 2
    - Awakening Level 3
    - Awakening Level 4
    - Purification Level 1
    - Super Longevity
    - Misc Tracks: Floating, Gamma Compassion

    Stimulating your brain with Holosync audio technology will...

    * Safely and effortlessly take you to states of profoundly deep

    (and extremely pleasurable) meditation…

    * Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right

    and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and

    leading you to a high-performance state scientists call "whole

    brain functioning"…

    * Dramatically improve your learning ability, memory, intuition,

    creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more


    * Create true quantum leaps in your personal self awareness…
    Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of

    harmful brain chemicals related to stress…

    * Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional

    health—even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with

    other approaches…

    * Dramatically increase your production of vital (and very

    pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your longevity, well-

    being, and quality of life…

    What is Holosync audio technology?

    Holosync is a sophisticated form of neuro-audio technology

    allowing the listener to easily enter various desirable states,

    and creating many desirable mental, emotional, and spiritual

    changes, through entrainment of electrical patterns in the brain.

    This creates a synchronization, or balance, between brain

    hemispheres, enhancing mental/emotional health and mental

    functioning. In the process, new neural connections are created

    between the right and left brain hemispheres, leading to what is

    known as "whole brain functioning."

    In addition to states such as accelerated learning ability and

    enhanced creativity, Holosync can help a listener easily enter and

    benefit from states of deep meditation, until now accessible only

    to long-time meditators practicing many hours a day for many


    Holosync audio tones are delivered to the nervous system using a

    low carrier frequency stimulus, masked by pleasant music and

    environmental sounds, which drives the nervous system to

    progressively higher levels of functioning. Through precise sound

    patterning based on over twenty years of research, Holosync

    creates a "push" in the brain which causes the brain to reorganize

    at a higher levels of awareness and functioning, in much the same

    way a runner gives his or her body a physical stimulus to cause it

    to reorganize at higher levels of physical ability.

    Typically, listeners show impressive improvements in emotional

    health, a whole range of mental abilities, self-awareness, ability

    to meditate deeply, personal motivation, sense of spiritual

    connection, and a number of other areas.

    Holosync is based on research done at Mt. Sinai Medical Center,

    the Meninger Clinic, and a number of other research facilities,

    and is currently used by over 100,000 people in 172 countries.

    Harga Rp. 50rb saja (belum ongkos kirim)
    Silakan pesan ke [email protected]

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