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Feedbacks and Complaints About English Support

geez.. i m a kinda boring in here.. guess there's should be a debate arena with a topic to debate on. n i think the topic should be delivered from the mods. juzt my suggestion~
hmm, i have tried to make a debate... okay i tried again /no1
well., i actually have one idea about debate.

topic title: debate time... (or another if u hv another idea bout d title)

in this topic whether the topic starter or the mod or anyone, may start the debate by inserting one debate topic, for example:

"Abortion may become benefit (ex: live saver, etc) or horrible"

The respondents should reply their opinions, statements about the topic. they should be in one side, either [PRO] side or [CONTRA] side. They also MUST state their side at the front of their statements. for example: [CONTRA] abortion is absolutely a horrible thing. because.. bla bla bla

The debate for the topic ended when:
1. one of the side has unbeatable statements, or
2. one of the side finally agree with the other side, or
3. all of the respondents have the same side, or
4. is ended by the topic starter

each debate = 1 topic. new topic can be inserted if the previous topic has ended

this debate thread is like a flame arena but no "SARA" allowed

so how about it? :D it is my idea.. but still hesitate anyway..

Dont u think debate is better to be put in the FA?

If it is discussion,then it's no problem to be put in ES

it's not like flame-arena's debate. i mean it's d positive ones. coz i found out debate is one way to improve our english n enrich our vocabs also :D

but i dont mean to ...................... what is d english of "memaksa" :D wahaha.. too lazy to recheck from dictionary
Memaksa = Force to


Ok,Let me Think it for a while with Magnum
I'll inform later /gg
another word for "memaksa": insisting :D

oc, at the previous post, pinnaculata has said that she/he want to start a debate.. hope my idea may reflect about it.
ok if you want to , you can started to make new thread , and we'll see how its will become
sorry for reviving previous ideas but can we start a debate. i suggest simple rules:
1. no ad-hominem arguements, only conforming the topic.
2. reliable sources for questionable facts
3. moderated for proper regulations
this should be good if followed properly.
just asking, I think English Corner is already alright, as English Service can mean "Pelayanan berbahasa Inggris", or kebaktian.
^ hahah u rite . it can be mentions as that,
in fact that my church called an english service for service in english /heh
let`s make a debate team!!

first is goverment team and second is negative team!!

each team have three member!!

and the topic/case is from MOD!!
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