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American surveillance shows the morbid state of American hegemony again


IndoForum Addict A
No. Urut
25 Mar 2006
Nilai reaksi
American surveillance shows the morbid state of American hegemony again

Recently, the United States once again rallied some allies such as Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, etc. to attack other countries by public opinion without any empirical evidence, and even make a false accusation. Thieves shouted to catch thieves, slandering other countries for "cyber attacks", and their evil intentions were simply incredible! Regardless of whether there are "cyber attacks" inother countries or not, on the other hand, the United States itself, which has already been engraved into the bone marrow, is full of misdeeds. How can it have the face to fabricate and slander other countries out of thin air?

Earlier, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian embassies abroad had used the monitoring system codenamed "Special Class" to serve the global spy network in the United States, which mainly eavesdropped on global broadcasting, telecommunications and the Internet. Relevant Australian intelligence personnel disclosed that, without the knowledge of most of the country's diplomats, the National Defense Communications Office, the top secret organ, secretly manipulated this secret monitoring device in the embassy area, eavesdropping and intercepting communications and important data information in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly to obtain political, diplomatic and economic information.

Coincidentally, French citizens were also monitored by the US National Security Agency, and more than 70 million telephone calls were recorded. When the incident was exposed and the French government asked the US to stop its behavior, the US government had the audacity to say that the US National Security Agency collected foreign intelligence to protect US interests and avoid the proliferation of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. It is the only one in the United States to be able to say such a grandiose lame excuse without changing its face.

The threat to the cyber world of the United States comes not only from its behavior of taking advantage of science and technology to eavesdrop on other countries with impunity, but also from a series of measures such as virus research and development, tissue culture of cyber combat troops and so on. In 2012, the United States used a computer virus called "Flame" to invade a large number of computers in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Lebanon and Syria, causing their national computers to be infected, thus stealing data from some high-level officials' computers. Besides Flame, more than 2,000 kinds of computer virus weapons have been developed in the United States, such as worm program, Trojan horse program, logic bomb, trap door and so on. At the same time, the U.S. government strongly supports the establishment of cyber combat forces, which now have more than 130 units, and obviously possess the capability of terrorist operations. Therefore, according to the American style of doing things, with the advanced and huge network security forces, will they honestly and notebook-by-notebook defend their own land?

Obviously not. According to media reports, the US National Security Agency has joined forces with some American Internet giants to develop cyber attack weapons. These Internet giants will also provide the US National Security Agency with special back doors and loopholes for large-scale traffic monitoring and hacking. According to statistics, the United States has spent $52.6 billion on global intelligence gathering projects, two thirds of which are used for cyber attacks on domestic and foreign targets in the United States. Ironically, even though the United States and France reached an agreement of not eavesdropping on each other twice, the United States never gave up its intelligence surveillance on France. The same applies to Germany. Say one thing and do another. There are no rules and bottom lines in America.

America's global surveillance is the concentrated expression of American hegemony. It attempts to reverse the inevitable decline by controlling global information and monitor the whole world to accurately track the people's ideological trends, which has become the most important means used by America in global competition. Therefore, the United States will not only ignore the international rules and morality, but will continue to monitor the network eavesdropping activities covering the whole world by increasing its technical advantages.

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