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  1. Xavier kingston

    Trouble with English post here.....

    I have trouble with English as well to complete my CMI qualification
  2. Xavier kingston

    Why Learn Indonesian Online

    Is this offers with a live online courses
  3. Xavier kingston

    Trouble with English post here.....

    Is there any better and good options that I can learn English from a live online courses
  4. Xavier kingston

    Students Survey

    I have currently done a basic survey to find out the latest education technologies and how the students prefer learning for their academic or level 7 qualification Will, they still prefer to go through with the old learning system in the classroom Or they ready to utilise new technologies...
  5. Xavier kingston

    Chartered Membership

    MCIOB chartered membership programme offered by College of contract management the United Kingdom Can someone recommend me the best option I Can get through with online courses
  6. Xavier kingston

    Which qualification you prefer more on UK

    Which will be the most sited qualification for a professional body Is It CMI or CIM
  7. Xavier kingston

    Construction related question

    What is the easiest way to gain the chartered membership program qualification in CIOB And I want to be MCIOB qualified person
  8. Xavier kingston

    Chartered Membership

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea on MCIOB opportunity and how to get the chartered membership qualification
  9. Xavier kingston

    Best options to choose CMI or CIM

    Hi, I am doing a small survey to find out the popularity of management institutes Kind of poll Which will be the best institute Is it CMI or CIM both are UK qualifications
  10. Xavier kingston

    Best place for Level 7 Qualification

    Hi, I Am Looking for Bussines management Courses Which need to give me Level 7 Qualification My Friends Suggest me to do online courses and they recommend me The college of contract management United kingdom Does anyone have a better idea of online courses?